The Best Baked Chicken In Chinese Bbq Sauce Char Siew 2022

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Baked Chicken In Chinese Bbq Sauce Char Siew. Bake each side for 20 minutes, brushing the leftover marinade on the chicken occasionally. Step 3 remove chicken from marinade and place on the rack in the prepared roasting pan.

Marinade from

It's 1 cup of chinese bbq sauce /char siew sauce. Preheat oven to 220 degree c. Remove chicken from marinade (reserve for basting).


With oil brown chicken then add chinese bbq sauce and water poach chicken for 13 minute dont open lid shake pan every now and then add honet and continuevpoached for another 3 minutes. Meanwhile, mix one larger tablespoon of maltose either with the microwave or in a pot, then add one part with an equal part of hot water to dilute it to become a sticky mixture. Place the chicken wings in a single layer over the crisper tray. For chinese bbq lovers everywhere, this sweet and savoury char siu chicken is finger licking good!